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Education can change your life. It can open up a world of opportunities for you. As the world morphs into one global village, international exposure and a world class education puts you ahead of others. Yet, to be successful, it is important to choose the right area of study, right level and right college/university. Especially when you are exploring educational opportunities abroad, the sheer number of colleges/universities all over the world can be overwhelming. Information overload on the internet is only complicating things. But experts at Voyed have been there and done this before. Our senior consultants earned PhDs from the US and MBAs from Oxford. You get the best guidance on how to choose study programs, college/university, writing your essays and recommendation letters. Of course, on visas and immigration as well.

The Voyed way assesses your potential tier of universities to help you reach the next level. We use time tested methodologies and processes to find the right place for you. As the needs of every one of us vary, we provide you with personalized analysis and solutions. Now that you are here, welcome onboard and Bon Voyage.

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Voyed helped me to get where I am today. Right from guiding me through the admission process early in my undergrad, building my resume through internships and lab work, writing my essays, they made the whole process effective and right on target. The insights they gave us were crucial to getting accepted to top schools like Johns Hopkins
Admira Parveen
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